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A Brief History about Pentius Automotive Parts
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The Pentius Automotive Parts, a U.S. owned and operated company based near Los Angeles, CA specializes in reliable, high quality, competitively priced Oil Filters, Air Filters, Cabin Air filters, Fuel filters, and Wiper Blades for the full range of U.S. domestic and import light vehicles.

Pentius offers particularly broad filter coverage, with over 1,000 filter items available, representing nearly 80,000 vehicle applications going back to 1946, and up through current 2011 and 2012 models. And, Pentius takes pride in often being first to the aftermarket with filters for new model vehicles!

Pentius Automotive Parts emerges from a background of proven success in the automobile industry. Specifically, Pentius evolved through a unique relationship with Daewoo Motor America, the U.S. distributor of Daewoo vehicles and parts. Launched in 1997, Daewoo Motor America successfully distributed Daewoo vehicles through a network of over 500 U.S. dealers, and won industry recognition as “America’s Fastest Growing Car Company”. After the Daewoo brand was absorbed by General Motors in 2003, the consolidated organization, including a new business platform, Pentius Automotive Parts, continued to provide exclusive Daewoo parts distribution in support of approximately 200,000 U.S. Daewoo vehicle owners through it’s remaining network of Daewoo dealer parts and service locations. This association with a leading South Korean OE automobile manufacturing entity contributed significantly to the successful development of Pentius Automotive Parts. During this period, in addition to Daewoo parts distribution, the Pentius UltraFLOW filter line was launched in the aftermarket through an aggressive campaign of advertising, promotion, and display at such functions as the annual AAPEX Show and other similar events. Through this rather unique background and with continuing and consistent marketing activity, Pentius today is a recognized and respected filter brand effectively supporting satisfied filter and wiper blade customers with quality products distributed throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

With sales growing quickly, Pentius Automotive Parts separated from Daewoo operations in 2011, and relocated to a modern, exclusive 75,000 sq. ft. facility. This U.S. Distribution Center, ideally located near the Port of Los Angeles, positions Pentius for flexible shipping alternatives throughout North America, in addition to our ability to sell and deliver parts in full container quantities, including private label product, direct from our manufacturing affiliates to our customer accounts.

Pentius Automotive Parts is a robust and growing organization, operated by a highly motivated and enthusiastic Team of automotive professionals. Our wide range of successful automotive background and experience includes an intense commitment to the highest level of operating efficiency and customer support. Pentius Automotive Parts stands ready and committed to the needs of our growing base of satisfied customers throughout the United States, and worldwide!