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Air Filter
1PAB6334 Dodge Family of Trucks V-6 3.9L,V-8 5.2L (88-90)13.16" x 2.59"A54609CA6334AF40146152AF956
2PAB148 Ford Family of Cars (62-86)8.4" x 3.2"A30057CA148AF14842055AF52
3PAB3425 Ford Family of Cars V-6 Eng (77-86)11.25" x 1.77"A40131CA3425AF64142141AF801
4PAB305 Chrysler/Plymouth Family of Cars V-8 (68-89)12.3" x 2.74"A50084CA305AF30542044AF139
5PAB325 Cadillac (68-79)12.23" x 2.62"A50093CA325AF33242099AF146
6PAB3637 Ford Ranger (83-88)9.76" x 2.12"A43357CA3637AF72846048AF840
7PAB568 GM Family of Cars (78-89)5.12" x 5.27"A23196CA568AF63342143AF810
8PAB146 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Renault (57-80)8" x 3.02"A30052CA146AF14642011AF51
9PAB347 Dodge Trucks (71-79)10.83" x 3.53"A42318CA347AF40942049AF279
10PAB3501 Ford Trucks 7.3L Diesel Eng.(88-94)11.55" x 5"A52923CA3501AF38846255AF2242
11PAB381 Ford Family of Cars V-6 3.8L (73-87)11.16" x 1.95"A40120CA381AF57442057AF310