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UltraFLOW Fuel Filters - Provide a clean, high volume supply of fuel to the engine!
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The UltraFLOW Fuel Filters by Pentius are designed to trap the dirt, rust and other contaminates that can otherwise cause engine hesitation, loss of power, hard starting, etc. As a fuel filter ages, more and more contaminants collect inside it gradually restricting the flow of fuel to the engine. A partially clogged fuel filter may allow enough fuel to pass through it to keep the engine running at idle and at low speeds, but may prevent the engine from performing properly at high speeds or under load.

Changing the fuel filter at regular maintenance intervals or annually, at a minimum, with a Pentius UltraFLOW Fuel Filter just makes good sense! Providing a clean, high volume supply of fuel to the engine will help ensure smooth running and optimum performance in all driving conditions.

Every UltraFLOW Fuel Filter is built to the same stringent standards used by the factory, and has the same look and feel as the original! When its time to restock, ask for the Pentius UltraFLOW Fuel Filter! These direct replacement fuel filters always meet the requirements of their specified vehicle application whether it's an older model fitted with a carburetor or one of the high tech, fuel injected delivery systems.

We are currently offering a wide variety of fuel filters for U.S. and import vehicles as Pentius also continues to provide you with high quality products at very competitive prices!

UltraFLOW filters are available for a wide range of U.S. and import vehicles.

The UltraFLOW Fuel Filter is a direct replacement for the stock fuel filter and meets or exceeds original equipment (OEM) specifications. We also manufacture all our filters in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System.