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BrightVue and CrystalVue Wiper Blades by Pentius USA
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Pentius Wiper Blades are made from the highest quality materials, and are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Through a number of automated production processes, we are able to produce every wiper blade to precise quality control standards while maintaining our competitive pricing position in this ever changing market. Our graphite coated wiper blades are currently being supplied to the top three Korean vehicle manufacturers and to one of the "big three" US manufacturers as "original equipment".

Pentius wiper blades are available in two different grades (CrystalVUE and BrightVUE), enabling you to select the blades most appropriate for your market.

Pentius blades are available in the following grades:

CrystalVUE Premium Wiper Blades
A breakthrough in premium level wiper blade technology and performance is provided by a unique two layer structure consisting of graphite and a water repellant coagulant that is applied to a natural rubber base. CrystalVUE Wiper Blades, by design, provide an "all-in-one" windshield wiping system that is very durable, smooth, quiet and effective AND CrystalVUE Wiper Blades also provide the added benefit of applying a water repellant (WRT) surface to the windshield for enhanced visibility! All of this from a single pair of wiper blades!

CrystalVUE TECHNO Wiper Blades
The new Pentius BrightVUE Techno Wiper Blade, using a "mono-beam" concept, incorporates the newest technological advances in wiper blade construction. This sleek, modern design outperforms traditional wiper blades across the board!

The Techno Wiper Blade is engineered to closely adhere to the curve of any windshield design and provide even, consistent pressure to the windshield surface along the entire length of the blade. By incorporating a designed-in spoiler, the Techno Wiper Blade reduces drag and wind noise, which provides superior aerodynamic and acoustical performance.

The elimination of the large metal superstructure utilized in traditional wiper systems prevents snow and ice buildup for superior all-weather performance and the sleek aerodynamic profile integrates seamlessly into today's modern automobile designs.

A precision-cut graphite impregnated natural rubber blade ensures a smooth squeegee action that is chatter-free and is resistant to temperature extremes. Since graphite does not react to ultraviolet rays or acid rain, the BrightVUE Techno Wiper Blade is built for long durable performance!

BrightVUE Wiper Blades
OEM performance from our most affordable wiper blade. All natural rubber blades precision cut to ensure clear vision, smooth, quiet operation and long lasting performance!